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Cornerstone Financial Programs, Inc.

20308 W 99th St
Lenexa KS 66220
PH (913) 839-4242
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Ongoing communication and monitoring of a client’s investments and financial plan is crucial and offering our guidance along the way may include:

  • Helping Clients control their emotions. 
  • Helping clients really know what they own. 
  • Performing due diligence on a wide variety of products. 
  • Overcoming client procrastination. 
  • Setting and re-setting realistic expectations. 
  • Explaining money and wealth to a family. 
  • Dealing with complexity. 
  • Minimizing paperwork. 
  • Assisting clients with a financial plan that can change with a car accident, a death, a birth, a marriage, a divorce, or myriad other things. 
  • Keeping clients “balanced, yet flexible” in response to constantly changing markets. 
  • Educating clients about opportunities and risks. 
  • Motivating clients to make difficult decisions. 
  • Talking through trade-offs. 
  • Allowing clients to review consequences under various scenarios- visualizing eventualities. 
  • Helping spouses align their expectations. 
  • Helping clients develop greater confidence in their financial affairs. 
  • Allow clients to admit that they don’t understand financial markets, and educating them accordingly. 
  • Staying current on industry trends so that they don’t have to. 
  • Vetting hundreds of investment and borrowing options and presenting a digestible set of recommendations. 
  • Helping business owners create wealth uncorrelated with their day-to-day business. 
  • Helping highly skilled professionals (lawyers, doctors, executives, business owners) enjoy liquidity earlier in their lives. 
  • Revealing the real fees and costs to financial products. 
  • Helping clients to know what they can comfortably spend. (Budgeting)